ORICO Collaborates with Distributors, Explores Next-Gen Storage Solutions

Posted on Jan 11, 2024

On January 9th, the ORICO Data Storage Solutions Training Seminar was successfully held in Shenzhen. ORICO's China region SSD/PSSD General Agent, along with 26 core domestic distributors, gathered in ORICO to delve into the cutting-edge technologies and market trends in the data storage domain. Organized by ORICO, this seminar aimed to unite partners, collectively address market challenges, showcase ORICO's storage product solutions, and build a robust domestic channel marketing system.

Before the event, distributors toured the ORICO headquarters and the F2B211 Research and Development Manufacturing Laboratory in Shenzhen. This on-site visit allowed them to closely experience the texture of ORICO products and immerse themselves in the learning culture and innovative product technologies of ORICO. This visit not only strengthened collaboration with distributors but also provided them with a firsthand understanding of ORICO's innovative philosophy.

The formal session of the conference commenced with Xu Yeyou, the founder of ORICO, delving into the challenges of company development under the existing economic conditions. He emphasized that innovation is the inevitable choice to counter market saturation. Xu provided detailed insights into ORICO's product solutions and the future roadmap, presenting a fresh perspective to the attending distributors. During the interactive sessions, distributors actively shared market feedback and experiences, collectively exploring industry trends, further deepening mutual collaboration.

In the closing remarks, Xu provided a comprehensive overview of ORICO's current product layout, ensuring distributors gained a comprehensive understanding of ORICO's product line. Additionally, ORICO showcased a series of innovative products set to be released, instilling confidence in distributors regarding future market competition.

On January 10th, ORICO led the distributors to Dongguan to gain insights into ORICO's research and development strategies, product policies, and production supply chain. Through visits to plastic mold factories, hardware CNC factories, and digitized production assembly factories, distributors gained a profound understanding of ORICO's excellence in manufacturing processes, deepening their recognition of the brand's strength.

Despite the economic challenges in 2024, ORICO remains confident that unity, optimism, a focus on user needs, provision of outstanding product solutions, optimization of customer service models, and sustained innovative thinking will collectively establish a sincere and consistently profitable domestic channel distribution system. This is not just a goal but a shared belief. ORICO looks forward to advancing hand in hand with distributors, jointly working towards the growth of the ORICO brand. In the future, collaboration with distributors is anticipated to create more success stories, witnessing the brilliance of the ORICO brand. This in-depth seminar and on-site exploration activity have laid a solid foundation for future cooperation, encouraging ORICO and distributors to jointly embrace broader market challenges.

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