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  • ORICO products swept over Hong Kong Electronics Fair

    October 13-16, 2017, the Hongkong autumn electronics exhibition sponsored by the Hongkong TDC, was launched at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. As the world's largest electronic products trading platform, the exhibition attracted more than 4300 exhibitors and users from all over the world. As the global USB data transmission and USB charging technology leading brand, ORICO made the whole series of innovative classic products debut.

    In this exhibition, the ORICO two USB data transmission and charging technology products won the praise of visitors. USB data transmission products took storage as a pioneer, the transparent series, NS magnetic series and many other products were also on display. What's more, USB expansion and Type-C dock products were also favored by a large number of customers. In the USB charging technology products, ORICO bus, intelligent charger and global multi specification USB surge protector had also received a large number of exhibitors' attention and experience.

    In addition to mobile storage, charger, socket, docking station and many other charging and storage series accessories, ORICO also brought the mobile MagiBox to the exhibition, which just perfect ending in Jingdong crowd-funding, the product set mobile hard disk, portable battery, cloud disk and router in one, those functions are so powerful that the products had impressed a lot of people.

    The exhibition ended perfectly in October 16th, ORICO had received partnership invitations from all over the world. In the future, ORICO will also maintain the initial heart and provide better services and more innovative products to global users and partners, together to build blocks of "wisdom-in-China" and justify the concept of "made-in-China"!

  • ORICO marches the Middle East market——Shines brilliantly in

    October 8, local time in Dubai, the top in the Middle East, the world's top three communications technology and consumer electronics show GITEX grandly opened in Dubai, which lasted for five days. The global USB technology leading brand ORICO brought many new products to the exhibition, attracted a large number of international exhibitors and achieved a complete success.

    Dubai, the largest trading port in the Middle East, has a huge market. ORICO had already moved some of its products into Dubai, and this time, ORICO team had been more aggressive, to seek strong partners in the Middle East and prepare for ORICO's full march in the Middle East. ORICO also planned to set up a localized customer service center in Dubai in the near future, to provide more and better support and services for users.

    At this exhibition, ORICO charging products shined brilliantly on the spot again, the high-quality workmanship, original design, creative appearance and user experience received the acclaim of the visitors. Among them, ORICO charging bus and surge protector became the focus of attention, got a lot of praise from visitors!

    This time, ORICO had received partnership invitations from hundreds of companies from Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other 20 countries and regions. In the future, ORICO will continue to deepen cooperation with the Middle East partners, provide leading USB technology products and services for the Middle East users, and try to become the leading brand of local USB data transmission and charging technology, spread the beauty of "wisdom-in-China" and justify the concept of "made-in-China"!

  • ORICO landed the 2017 UAE International Consumer Electronics

    September 24th to 27th, the 2017 UAE International Consumer Electronics Show opened grandly in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The iceea UAE International Consumer Electronics Show is the only professional consumer electronics show in the country, and there are more than 200 exhibitors participating in this exhibition. ORICO landed the exhibition with new series of USB charging and data transmission products and won great acclaim from the exhibitors, the scene was extremely hot.

    UAE is the largest consumer electronics import market in the Middle East, consumers in the UAE market have high requirements for product intelligence and new technologies, so only creative and distinctive cutting-edge products can be accepted by the UAE users. This time, ORICO USB charging products, including USB smart charger, USB smart surge protector, USB charging data cable and other charging products won the acclaim of the audience at the scene because of its creative design and fine workmanship.

    ORICO USB charging devices in the corner of the exhibition area

    During the exhibition, the ORICO booth attracted members from the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, accompanied by the staff, the embassy secretary Lei Lei personally learned the creativity and technology of ORICO products and highly appreciated them. Secretary Lei encouraged ORICO staff to continue to carry forward the spirit of excellence and exert their creativity, to provide more and more high-quality products for the world, and continue to carry forward the national brand!

    Secretary of the Chinese embassy in UAE Lei lei (center) has a friendly photo with ORICO staff

    ORICO dedicated to USB data transmission and charging technology, after 8 years of precipitation, supported by world-leading technology, owned independent and advanced supply chain system, as well as R&D, manufacturing, production, operation, warehousing and other complete industrial chain services, to provide users with first-class products and quality services. The iceea UAE international consumer electronics show achieved a complete success, and it laid a solid foundation for ORICO's entry into the Middle East market, ORICO will also continue to develop and manufacture more innovative and intelligent products to our domestic and overseas users, and truly make science and technology innovation change our lives.

  • More than a million first day, why is Magibox so popular?

    Mention cloud disk service, everyone is familiar with. earlier in the year, baidu, jinshan, 360 and other major brands all rushed to offer the cloud service, however, many of the ensuing problems involved personal privacy and data security had led to the closure of cloud disk. For this reason, the global brand ORICO has held a crowd-funding program in Jingdong to launch a personal private cloud called Mobile Magibox in September 5th, which has entertainment sharing, one-key backup, wireless routing, portable battery and many other functions, and can be said to be a new center of the digital world.

    In the early stage of ORICO Magibox preheating, it had attracted the attention of a large number of players in the market, after launching, it was followed by a frenzy of followers. The first day of crowdfunding achieved 200% goals, and the amount exceeded one million, won an enthusiastic response of the market.

    The main reason for such a market response is that the product itself has many technical breakthroughs: for the first time, the USB3.1 Type-C interface is used on the WiFi hard disk, which is perfectly compatible with the Lightning3 interface; the built-in 8000mAh large capacity polymer power can realize internal and external simultaneous power supply; the product takes the lead in using Seagate's new 7mm hard disk as storage medium; with five-side alloy surface heat dissipation and maintains stable WiFi signal; the digital companion function of SD card offline backup, etc.

  • ORICO's upcoming Magibox confronts with all public clouds!

    Recently, ORICO will strongly launched a new product called Magibox, which includes private cloud disk, wireless routing, mobile power, remote resource sharing and other functions, to solve file sharing and backup problems for mobile phones, cameras, computers, UAVs and other digital devices. Meanwhile, it provides one-button solution for the problem that the security and privacy of the public cloud disk have been challenged repeatedly.

    If you are a business man and have a lot of important data resources that need to be backed up and saved, its basic mobile hard disk capabilities will satisfy you;

    If you always need to be on a business trip, and no Magibox with you, but as long as it is connected to the network, you can read the data by a computer or mobile phone at any time even in the thousands of miles away. It takes the place of public cloud, makes you no longer worried about privacy leakage, file corruption, slow downloading, resource locked and other problems.

    If you take it with you, it will be more convenient: on your trip, you can open LAN and quickly share the internal audio and video data with your friends. If the hotel does not provide a wireless network or the signal is too bad, its wireless router function can quickly provide private wireless signals to you;

    If you have travel and photography hobbies, it will become a major weapon for you: the built-in 8000mAh large capacity polymer battery always provides emergency power supply for electronic devices; if there is not enough memory for 4K aerial photography, it can be a digital companion to one-key backup TF/ SD card, which can make you feel at ease, save the cost of investing multiple memory cards and your valuable time.

    When it comes to technology, this is the most extraordinary. Integrates the USB3.1 Type-C Gen2 interface into the product, the 10Gbps bandwidth can make you exciting. ORICO, regardless of cost, has always been committed to breakthrough technology, which is so rare.

    For the pursuit of slim, ORICO has reached a strategic cooperation with Seagate, the world's largest HDD company, the Magibox is equipped with its 7mm customized hard disk as the storage medium.

    In order to allow individual users to better build a private cloud server, ORICO has developed APP software, which is convenient for users to manage resources through LAN and WAN, and supports Windows, Android, IOS and other mainstream system, the humanized design can bring you more convenient and intimate use experience.

    ORICO mobile Magibox is a new concept product that can help the general public to build personal private cloud, and meet the diversified needs of wireless routing, mobile hard disk, emergency power supply, digital companion and so on. If you want to know more secrets of it, in September 5th, the products will launch crowd-funding program in Jingdong, then you can go to find out.

  • An Italian delegation visited ORICO industrial park

    During the expedition in ORICO, Italian research delegation expressed great appreciation for ORICO industrial chain incubation and global brand partner model, and they were willing to achieve the interconnection of more Italian innovative resources with Changping, Dongguan, to create more innovation, integration and development.

    The delegation visited ORICO and held an exchange ORICO internet + innovative industrial park is located in Changping, Dongguan, with a total floorage of 100000 square meters, the incubation space covers 10000 square meters, and the industrial space area is 65000 square meters, while the supporting space covers an area of 25000 square meters. The industrial park which integrates practical training, incubation, industrial acceleration, listing cultivation, investment and financing, possesses nearly 20 flexible factories including electronic products R&D marketing, mold design and development, printing and packaging, wire manufacturing, automation of high precision SMT, lightweight assembly test and R&D of industrial automation equipment. Since the establishment in 2009, ORICO has built an integrated and complete industrial chain, has focused on R&D of USB data and power transmission products, online and offline network marketing, intelligent digital hardware brand. At meanwhile, the company has a team of nearly 400 people specialize in mold design, R&D of electronic structure, industrial design, packaging design, market analysis, brand promotion, network platform sales and global channel sales, to provide strong support for ORICO to capture market opportunities, define serialized product lines, achieve brand globalization and expand global sales channels. The delegation also expressed strong interest to the innovation and Internet upgrade of ORICO industrial park, asked a series of questions about ORICO developmental pattern, and extremely recognized ORICO developmental model and global brand.

    This visit of Italian delegation had built bridges for ORICO and Italian enterprises or academe, as well as laid a good foundation. The follow-up cooperation between ORICO and Italian innovative resources is propitious to the integration and development of both markets. ORICO will also continue to optimize and upgrade, to bring better consumer experience for each user, create better brand value, and make proof for Chinese wisdom!

  • ORICO cooperates with Seagate, enter into strategic partners

    Recently, from ORICO Technologies Co. Ltd comes a piece of good news, that is, since July, ORICO will reach strategic cooperation in China with Seagate, the global leader of data storage. The two sides will manage to achieve a better creative cooperation in product technology field, to provide a reliable storage solution for users in the era of big data.

    ORICO Technologies Co. Ltd is a global leader in computer/digital peripheral products, concentrates on USB data transmission and charging technology, designs and manufactures all kinds of personal, family and enterprise innovative practical products. In IT peripheral storage, ORICO takes the lead in integrating the advanced theory "EASY YOUR PC" into product design and manufacture, provides reliable solutions for mass data storage. From the early establishment in 2009, ORICO has introduced the original concept "TOOL Free" into the market, the 3-second tool-free enclosures have opened a new and convenient chapter of external storage. During the eight years, the sales of ORICO computer peripherals storage products continue to be No.1 in Jingdong, Tmall and other online platforms, and also has launched a series of revolutionary and innovative storage products, such as the transparent storage series, the magnetic storage systems, etc. With innovative ideas and excellent quality, ORICO gets universal acceptance from users, breaks previous storage concepts and sells well around the world.

    As a global leader in data storage solutions, Seagate develops ingenious products that enable people and enterprises around the world to create, share, and retain their most important memories and business data. With the leader's accumulation, Seagate tries to build and solve the challenges of getting more messages from daily life. A storage innovation has made many systems and solutions faster, more reliable as well as more scalable, which is no longer just about storage information, also relates to the fast, accurate and secure access and interpretation of information. The unity of two sides is bound to combine and innovate storage core technology, convenient design, fast speed, easy-using storage solution, information security and other key points, which is believed to bring more surprises to data storage users.

    It is reported that, in July 27-30, 2017, the grand opening of the fifteenth ChinaJoy will be held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, Seagate will land in the fair with a series of innovative and classic products, such as BarraCuda, FireCuda and so on. ORICO will also appear as guest with Seagate, together bring a different experience and display to users. The booth number is: E3, S303. The joint effort of the two sides will provide a better data storage system for the creative establishment of global individual or enterprise cloud users, let's wait and see!


  • 10Gbps superspeed expansion, ORICO launches 3 models of USB3

    Previously, it has been reported that VIA's subsidiary (VLI) VLI VL820 USB 3.1 Gen 2 hub control chip has received USB 3.1 10Gbps certification from USB-IF. It is said, VLI VL820 has one upstream port and 4 downstream ports, support USB 10Gbps devices and backward compatible with previous generations of USB devices. Products manufactured by USB-IF's certified equipment lay the foundation for the hub market, while maintaining speed, efficiency and power requirements on the USB standard.

    As VLI's strategic partner, ORICO will adopt this chip on the 3 models of USB3.1 Gen2 HUB. These HUBs do not only support USB-C 10Gbps transmission, and also increase the upstream speed of USB-A to 10Gbps. It also supports video/audio transmission expansion and PD power delivery via USB-C ports of Apple/Mi Notebook, compatible with Lightning3 port. The PD function can charge iPhone/iPad with 2.4A current.

    From the pictures revealed from ORICO factory, we can see that the 3 models of USB3.1 Gen2 HUB are the upgrade version of ORICO's classic ones, the models are M3H4-G2, H4928-G2, A3H4-G2. All the ports are upgraded to USB3.1 Gen2 10G and equipped with powerful functions, well worth looking forward to.

    Firstly launched USB3.0 product in 2012, ORICO has led USB3.0 high-speed expansion to a new voyage. Five years later, ORICO shows its strong technical ability in USB data transmission and power delivery again. The world's first mass production of USB3.1 full-function HUB, integrates USB data with power delivery, and pushes USB expansion to a new height.

  • The layout of OBOR, ORICO strongly settled in Iran

    ----Held brand exhibition successfully

    From July 21st to 24th (Beijing time), ORICO mighty landed in Iran ELECOMP 2017, provided an omnidirectional exhibition to the Iran users and gained a complete success, the market responded enthusiastically to ORICO products.

    ORICO Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2009, is a state-level high-tech enterprises who specialized in R&D of intelligent USB data and power transmission products, on and offline whole network marketing, intelligent digital hardware brand incubation platform. As a new internet manufacturing enterprise with proprietary intellectual property rights, self-owned brand, autonomous flexible production chain, ORICO independent researched and developed USB storage, USB extension, USB intelligent charging, USB power strip, Type-C series, remained on the top of domestic Jingdong, Tmall, overseas Amazon, Aliexpress and many other online markets. What's more, ORICO successively set up brand operation center, e-commerce, supply chain, storage distribution center and industrial park with high flexibility integrated production chain in Shenzhen, Changsha and Dongguan. Up to now, the company has 10 R&D manufacturing factories, 11 global e-commerce operation brands, more than 30 global registered trademarks and 400 patents. In addition, ORICO had won the 2013 "National SME Innovation Fund", 2014 "China High-tech Product Award", "Shenzhen Longgang Science and Technology Research Fund", 2016 "National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator Unit" as well as other various government identified and support projects. Since its establishment, the company's annual sales performance increased by 200%.

    Since landed in Iran market in 2015, after more than two years of hard work, ORICO had become the leader brand of local USB data and power transmission industry. Early this year, ORICO set up Iranian Office in Tehran, integrated storage, sales, marketing, customer services, and continuously provided quality ORICO products and services to Iran users.

    In the exhibition, ORICO highlighted new multi-port USB intelligent charging station and power strip, the original design and exquisite workmanship had won great acclaim from the audience, and many companies immediately expressed their willingness to cooperate.

    The display of ORICO storage, USB expansion, charger, power strip and other series products brought innovative products for the local market, extremely facilitated the users, such as NS series storage system with RAID, charging bus, power strip, mobile power bank, etc.

    The creative products such as charging bus attracted many people's attention, which explained the core design concept of ORICO brand. The problem that how to make life more intelligent and convenient had always been the most important thing to think about in the industry, and ORICO integrated the concept into product design, to bring convenience to users and truly make science and technology simplify life.

    It is reported that ORICO sent product experts to explain details and help users understand the products in the exhibition, and such a good performance also let ORICO stand out from the fair.

  • Orico HDD Docking Station Unboxing and Review

    For a techno-geek like me who likes hoarding my games, music and videos and treat them as keepsakes (yeah, no plans of deleting them), external hard-disk drives are just too expensive and they’re really not recommended if you just need storage space. It’s not like I need to always access them, after all. That’s why I was so keen on getting the Orico HDD Docking Station– I don’t have to open my PC and switch drives just to access my archived files anymore!

    I bought it at DynaQuest PC Eton Ortigas branch walk-in for P1,150. But as their web site advises, call the branch you’ll be paying a visit at first to check for stocks as other items are per order basis only.

    When I said more expensive, branded external HDDs like Western Digital and Seagate cost around P5,000 (huge 2TB that sometimes need power) to P6,000 (small-sized 2TB), compared to internal HDDs that only cost around P4,000 per 2TB. The initial hassle that comes with going for internal HDDs is that you have to constantly switch them if you have too many, since regular motherboards only have about five slots at an average. And this, my friends, is the solution to that.

    Here are the specs of the Orico HDD Docking Station 6619US3:

    • Super Speed USB3.0 5Gbps (compatible with USB2.0)
    • 2.5″, 3.5″ SATA3 and SSD Ready
    • Tool free, easy mount and dismount
    • 12v High Power AC Adapter
    • Double Foil Shielded and Twisted Paired USB 3.0 Cable
    • Built-in Power Control Switch
    • Plug & Play, no drivers needed
    • Windows, Mac and Linux Ready


    I’ve only used it seldomly for the months I’ve had it (usually only when a friend wants to copy an old anime I have), but so far so good. I like the fact that it’s already USB3.0 so data transfer is uber-fast, but it must be paired with a USB 3.0 slot on your PC. If not, it just switches to 2.0.