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  • Review of ORICO 2139U3 hard drive enclosure

    1. It is a pity to discard the old objects

    Nowadays, there are always a few outdated old computers, as an old saying goes: it is tasteless to enjoy but a pity to discard. Even the so fast CPU in the last five years, now, the speed of it is so slow. Of course, most of time, we may meet the problem of the damage of its parts, such as the graphics or the main board. When the price for maintenance is higher than to buy a new one, it is natural to put them on the shelf. Although from the economic point of view, replacement is a good idea, but the computer that ever cost 5000 yuan, now it just worth less than 500yuan, in order to make use of the old objects, but we don’t know the surplus value, so the writer chose to dismantle them. And the pieces are hundred yuan, just the old hard drive left. Not that there are secrets inside, after all, we are not the popular person, just keep for a souvenir. After all, in the GB Era, it is better to hold a carrier for data storage.

    So, I started to search for a good place for the hard drive. Naturally, the writer wandered around Alibaba for a long time, and felt interested to the ORICO hard drive at a glance, the transparent design is so beautiful, and the price is cost-efficient, just cost 26.9yuan(but it is so surprising that after my purchase, the price of the product depreciated, just need 24.9yuan.)

    2. Light package

    The delivery man is not so tender, when he received ORICO 2139U3, he feel so surprised, this time, the ORICO seems to change the style, the original packing off, but only use the Kraft box for packaging.

    There is nothing special for the accessories, it owns what the general need to be possessed. A 3.0 data line with a suitable length of 50cm, no trouble or hasty.

    Choosing this hard drive box, expect for the cheap price, I am attracted by its transparent design. My first impression to it is very good, not heavy as the traditional hard drive, measurement is 125mm * 79mm * 13mm. The surface is coated with a protective film looks so crumpled, obviously, in order to see the true capacity, it need to "be taken off"

    The ORICO hard drive adapts ABS fireproof materials with high quality and can be seen in a full perspective, but it needs time to test if the nude surface is easy to be scratched. But if it turns to be scratched, then it is really a failure. The overall design feels exquisite, but is too thin, from the point of naked view, the overall design without buffer, the writer doesn’t know what will happen if it falls, and he has no courage to have a try.

    The art of transparency, actually, it is very attractive and will satisfy the peep of people, especially the seemingly high-tech digital products, this nude design will bring the full sense of science and technology. So, I purchased it without hesitation.

    Before purchasing, I noticed many net friends hesitate about the allocation problems of this hard drive, it seems that I don’t meet with this problem, may be due to the relationship between batches, there is no less for the solid capacitor, the circuit board without decoration seems to own distinctive flavor.

    On configuration aspect, we have nothing to demand about the so low price(around 20 yuan), NS1068X SATA to USB3.0 chip, despite the low-end product, it supports UASP protocol, different from traditional BOT protocol, the new USB Attached SCSI Protocol supports multiple instructions concurrent execute and NCQ queuing function which improve the transmission efficiency greatly. The hard drive enclosure which supports UASP technology can develop the performance of SSD better.

    As expected and without expectation

    Tool free is the characteristic of this hard drive, without any tools and techniques the product can be easily installed, improving the office efficiency greatly, as putting the elephants into refrigerator, just need several steps, open, loaded, closed.

    As for inserting, I believe that the experienced people is familiar with the steps. I discovered a problem that most of the hard drives are not completely consistent in specification, so in the face of the thickness of 7mm hard disk, without the help of cushion sponge, the hard drive in the box is not stable.

    Of course, most of the hard drives are suitable, and the Westdata WDC WD1200BEVS took down from the computer of the writer, with the history more than 15 years.

    Finally, make a brief introduction about its performance, because of this part has an important relationship with the hard drive itself, therefore, the data is only for reference, and I used the old hard drive whose port is the old SATA2 in test, now, SATA3 is the basic port, whose speed is twice as fast as SATA2 port. So we're just looking at the speed of reading and writing.

    When hard drive connected to the computer through USB3.0 port, the writing speed was about 42MB/S, and the reading speed was near 45MB/S, during working, it was very quiet, and the mute effect was very good.

    This is not a very gratifying achievement for USB3.0, there is even a little bit contrary to expectation, I thought the data that would be better. Of course, it is because there are various uncontrollable factors. In fact, the whole stability is good.


    To be brief, ORICO 2139U3 is a product with special appearance, adopting the mainstream plan of NS1068X, the performance is quite satisfactory, it will not bring too many surprises for you, but it will let you feel worthwhile of 20 yuan. Continuous level of reading and writing plays the basic properties of hard drive basically, meeting the demand of the old hard drive. In addition, I still want to say that it is very interesting for this transparent packing of “ORICO”, as for the people who have the idle 2.5 inch hard drive, it is worthwhile to spend this 20 yuan.