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Technical Support
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    ORICO Wired Gigabit Network Card HUB_Driver

     This multi-function adapter is equipped with USB3.0 gigabit network card and USB3.0 hub, as a collection of dual-technology products, stable and easy to operate, especially favoured by the windows surface, Macbook Air, Retina and other ultra-thin notebooks and tablet Computer users of all ages.

    System:HR01-U3, HR02-U3, ASL-U3, ASH3L-U3, ARL-U3, ARH3L-U3

    Fit Models:HR01-U3, HR02-U3, ASL-U3, ASH3L-U3, ARL-U3, ARH3L-U3, UTJ-U3, ADS2, ADS4, ADS5, ADS6, ANS6, SDB1, RCR2A, RCNB

    ORICO PVU3-Series USB3.0 Expansion Card_Driver

     This driver supports one-button installation, enables old computer to reach the speed of USB3.0

    System:Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

    Fit Models:PVU3-4P, PVU3-2O2I, PVU3-5O2I, PVU3-5O2U, PVU3-7U


    System:ORICO PME-2U, PME-4UI, PME-4U

    Fit Models:ORICO PME-2U, PME-4UI, PME-4U

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  • ARL ARH3L ASL ASH3L驱动怎么安装?

    ORICO ARL ARH3L ASL ASH3L是一款USB转千兆网卡产品,采用高性能主控IC,高品质处理工艺,数据传输稳定,品质卓越。

  • 9558U3操作视频及需要使用中需要注意的问题