• Hard Drive Enclosure Firmware Update
    This update is mainly used to solve the use of greater than 2TB capacity (with data ) of the hard disk can not be properly identified, shown as GPT protected partition or need to re-initialize the hard disk.
  • ORICO TUW11 firmware upgrade

    This file is to upgrade TUW11 firmware to version A140 (V0.1). After upgrade, the U disk will support exFAT format for transferring file which is larger than 4GB.

  • Firmware for ORICO 6619US3 / 6518US3 / 3588US3

    Fix the problem of not recognizing hard drive in Win8 operating system

  • ORICO-DU3-Series-USB3.0 to display adapter-driver

    DU3 series  achieve DVI, VGA and HDMI interface external conversion through USB3.0 high-speed transmission interface. Transfer computer desktop information to another device display, support extension, host and subsidiary and rotation display modes, support up to 6 screen display . Main control chip: DL3500

  • ORICO WRD150-WRE150_driver
  • ORICO RAID HW Manager software(For NS200RU3,NS200RC3)

    It is more convenient to manage the storage information of ORICO disk array through the RAID Manager software, easier to build various RAID modes, including RAID 0, 1, JBOD, modes, to improve the writing speed and data security. It also automatically shows us the operation status of the hard drive and fault alerts.

  • Driver for ORICO-802-PA31
  • Driver2.0_for_RA18_&_RA28_wireless_ethernet_adapter
  • Driver for BTA-408

     Supports Bluetooth 4.0, gives full play to the Bluetooth adapter . Windows8 above and Mac OS9.0 above are free of external driver.

  • Driver_for _BTA-402_BTA-403_BTA-406

     Supports Bluetooth 4.0, gives full play to the Bluetooth adapter. Windows8 above and Mac OS9.0 above are free of external driver. 

  • Firmware for 6638US3-C
  • Firmware for 9548U3_9558U3_9548S3_3549SUSJ3_9558S3_3559SUSJ3_3559RUS3_3529SUS3-C

    Fix the problem of unrecognized of hard drive or only recognize one hard drive in Linux operating system and HD player.

  • U3HV-Series_Driver

     U3HV series integrated usb3.0 expansion, video interface expansion, Gigabit Ethernet and audio expansion in one, an ideal solution of desktop expansion.

  • ORICO UTR/UTL/UTJ-U2 100Mbps_Wired Network Card_Driver

     Support Mac air, Surface, IdeaPad yoga. Support full / half duplex mode and sleep function, more stable with cable. Built-in imported high-performance conversion chip, low power consumption, using the most widely recognized stable solution, seamless adapter  makes better compatibility,  plug and play; support most common operating systems and MAC systems, one-click installation.

  • ORICO UTR-U3/HR03_USB3.0 to Gigabit Wired Network Card_Driver

    UIC-U3 and HR03 integrated USB3.0 PHY controller, in line with USB3.0 transmission standard, compatible with USB2.0 / USB1.1, support U0 / U1 / U2 / U3 all USB3.0 power-saving mode, support USB overspeed / High-speed / full-speed mode bus power supply or self-powered equipment, automatic detection, equiped with PHY circulation diagnosis.

  • ORICO Wired Gigabit Network Card HUB_Driver

     This multi-function adapter is equipped with USB3.0 gigabit network card and USB3.0 hub, as a collection of dual-technology products, stable and easy to operate, especially favoured by the windows surface, Macbook Air, Retina and other ultra-thin notebooks and tablet Computer users of all ages.